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Starting August 2, 2016, we are on the Windows Store as well!
Our first app up there was Election Day Countdown.
Download it for free (and ADD-FREE) on any PC, smart phone, or tablet, running on Windows 10, or Windows 10 Mobile!
More in Store:
Inauguration Day Countdown.
Distance Area Volume Converter.
Fahrenheit Celsius Kelvin Temperature Converter.
Centrifuge Calculator.
Tokyo 2020 Olympics Countdown.
We will keep posting more apps in Windows Store, so stay tuned!

Get our Apps for Android from these well respected App Stores:

It is really very time consuming to maintain the presence on that many app stores, because of the variety of store-specific requirements imposed by most of these app stores.
That is why we have focused our attention mainly on the G Play store recently, where one can get the latest versions of all of our free of charge Apps!

This website was started in September-October 2011 and has been a work in progress ever since.


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